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APRIL 2009
LipSync Post puts the 'RED' into 'Red Riding'
April 6, 2009 17:45

LipSync Post has completed full post on the acclaimed 'Red Riding Trilogy', including a full cinema grade, sound, VFX and title design.

Adapted from David Peace's groundbreaking novels, the 'Red Riding Trilogy' were each filmed individually in different formats with different directors. The made for TV projects were shot by film directors and graded as theatrical releases. Says Stuart Fyvie, Senior Colourist at LipSync Post "We were lucky to work with extremely collaborative teams of directors, DOP's and editors who were very hands on, so we had the opportunity to get really involved in the rest of the creative process."

This collaborative process extended into the post-production phase; with the post on all three films being completed at LipSync, the directors were able to easily rotate between the grade and sound departments for sign off. Each grade was completed in two weeks using Quantel Pablo, projecting the films onto a 4-metre screen like a film grade.

"For 1974 we wanted to create a sense of time and place, for instance, everyone's smoking the whole time, so the smoke in the rooms affects the light and contrast. Also the story is very dark, so we felt it should look quite drab, with no sense of light at the end of the tunnel. 1974 was shot on super 16mm, which would have been used in the 1970's and has a textured look that was perfect for the era" says Fyvie.

For 1980, director James Marsh and DOP Igor Martinovic wanted more of a 'Michael Mann' look and feel. Shot on 35mm in Cinemascope, 1980 is a markedly different style to 1974.

The final film in the trilogy, 1983 was an entirely different process. Shot in the RED format, it provided colourist Lee Clappison with more latitude than many other digital formats through its ability to shoot native 2K or 4K log data.

DOP David Higgs used a vantage filter to emulate the horizontal blue flares common to the 35mm anamorphic lenses of the era. Highlights were deliberately burnt-out, to help add to the effect that the filter had on the image. Says Clappison "The RED format handled that nicely - other digital formats might lose some of that top end information when over-exposed, but the RED gave us more and allowed us to pull information out of this area." This softer, almost ethereal look helped give 1983 a glimpse of redemption after so much darkness in 1974 and 1980.

Says Fyvie, "This was a brilliant project. I hope it is well received to encourage more similarly challenging projects - for us it was a bold and unique piece of television that was a joy to work on."

The 'Red Riding Trilogy' aired on channel 4 in March, with international cinema releases forthcoming.

LipSync completes titles for the highly anticipated 'Horne & Corden'
April 6, 2009 16:26

LipSync Post has completed titles for the highly anticipated comedy sketch show 'Horne & Corden'.

The creative team of Howard Watkins and Julia Hall proposed an idea around a theme of Shoreditch attitudes and rock star bad behaviour. This winning pitch shows Mathew Horne and James Corden dropping, jumping, bashing and smashing television screens, complete with on-set pyrotechnics.

The sequence incorporated a large element of time-remapping to create slo-mo, speed ups and freeze-frames. In addition, Lipsync's VFX department added screen composites for the televisions, including white noise and the show's title logo.

The titles can be seen Tuesday at 10.30pm on BBC3.

LipSync completes titles for David Starkey's 'Henry VIII, Mind of a Tyrant'
April 6, 2009 16:08

Working with the art and calligraphy of Brody Neuenschwander, LipSync's creative team, Julia Hall and Howard Watkins, created four themed title sequences for David Starkey's new history documentaries.

Julia Hall was chiefly responsible for both the design and animation, whilst Howard Watkins acted as art director and producer on the titles, which depict the four chapters of Henry's life - Prince, Warrior, Lover, Tyrant. The sequence was created by ghosting imagery from the series whilst Henry's signature is scribed by Neuenschwander, seemingly bringing the parchment to life.

Henry VIII, Mind of a Tyrant can be seen throughout April on Channel 4.
9pm - April 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th.