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October 24, 2017 tags: , , ,

LipSync completed full post-production on Artemis Films’ most recent release Ferrari: Race to Immortality.

Producers Kevin Loader (The Lady in the Van and In the Loop) and Julia Taylor-Stanley (Coriolanus) joined forces with Embankment Films to create the film, with Daryl Goodrich directing and David Meadows as Director of Photography.

Using re-creation, first-hand accounts and archive material, the film flashes back to the 1950s to tell the story of the iconic motor racing team, Ferrari’s ‘La Scuderia’. The film’s archive material posed an exciting challenge. Jamie Welsh, colourist at LipSync Post noted “as the source material was 95% archive footage, this project was more about getting the most out of what was already there rather than creating stylised looks from the ground up”. The archive footage poses a unique challenge as creative decisions have already been made. This meant Welsh “had to balance it in a way that most paid respect to the original transfer. In the case of something as well-known as Ferrari, maintaining the iconic colour scheme was key. It was definitely hard work to get the most out of the image, especially when dealing with faded prints, but the images were so striking and the narrative so compelling, the whole process was incredibly rewarding.”

Ferrari: Race to Immortality hits cinemas on 3rd November 2017.

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