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6 Days chronicles the events that took place during the infamous 1980 Iranian Embassy siege in London. The film looks back at the tense six-day standoff between the British security forces and armed militants who were holding hostages inside. The film largely follows the perspective of three people who played a vital part in the dramatic events – the hostage negotiator Max Vernon (Mark Strong), the man responsible for communicating with the armed terrorists in the building and the BBC News Reporter Kate Adie (Abbie Cornish).

LipSync completed full post production for the General Film Corporation produced drama, which reunited the director (Toa Fisher), producer, screenwriter (Glenn Standring) and VFX team from the 2014 film The Dead Lands. The initial meetings centred around how to tell the story of a pivotal moment in British history, which was set to be filmed in New Zealand. Most of the action in 6 Days took place at the front of the Embassy at Princes Gate in London, which was re-created and filmed on location. George Zwier, VFX Supervisor at LipSync, said “It was a daunting task to portray key moments of the storming at the Embassy (which were filmed in Auckland) and integrating them with the live action photography or YouTube clips. Therefore, the directors vision revolved around making sure these iconic moments looked as if they were being witnessed first-hand by the protagonists.”

LipSync worked very closely with the team to recreate 1980s London and this included CG period cars, removing details from modern buildings, integrating plates filmed in London and Auckland as well as creating aerial perspective shots. The 3D assets and rendering were completed in Maya and Arnold and LipSync utilised Nuke to composite the extensive re-projection work. The screenplay was also written after extensive research and interviews with individuals who played a key part in the days leading up to the Embassy siege, as well as the period during and after the event.

The Embassy siege was LipSync’s driving force in terms of creating the imagery. Zweir adds, “There are many people alive today, myself included, who vividly remembber the SAS storming of the Embassy. Whilst most people are familiar with iconic moments like the charge being set off with its resultant plume of smoke, and Sim Harris jumping across the balconies at the front of the embassy, the film reveals more of the action that took place on the roof and the rear of the building”. It was therefore important that the team respected the original images captured by the news cameras but still provide a fresh, authentic perspective from the point of view of the SAS and people on the ground.

6 Days is now available on Netflix!

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