The Infiltrator

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THE INFILTRATOR – Front and End title design

For Good Films Ltd. Directed by Brad Furman, Produced by Miriam Segal.


Set in the mid eighties, in a time of when VHS was still king and fact finding relied on sifting through countless films of microfiche, we based the title design of the film, firmly on the aesthetics of this technology.  By doing this, the hope was to add texture and context to the story, a reminder of mediums of the time.


The Front titles pick up on CCTV surveillance devices and video technology for their inspiration, breaking up and ‘glitching’ between cuts and interference. Sweeping bars of ‘video hum’ add a graphic quality, used to divide and section the imagery.



The End coda and Credits sequence suppose that we’re looking through a microfiche library of the facts relating to the story, complete with actual photography taken at the time, by the real characters in the film.


All sequences were created using After Effects, with a multitude of artwork assets.


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