LIPSYNC Takes on the Might of Olympus

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LIPSYNC will provide equity investment and full post-production services for the $30m 13-episode TV series Olympus, which is scheduled to appear on the SyFy channel in the US in early 2015. This epic series is produced by Tremadoc Productions with Reunion Pictures in association with Great Point Media, Content Television and Digital and LIPSYNC Productions.

Olympus is a fast-paced fantasy/drama set in Ancient Greece and follows a young and idealistic man named Hero on his journey from the Forest of Trozen to the royal court in Athens. Along the way he encounters a plethora of unique and off-beat characters, including oracles, monsters, sorcerers and seductresses – all of whom either help him along his way, or attempt to stop him from fulfilling his destiny.

LIPSYNC’s VFX team has already begun work on the visually stunning world of Olympus, which will require over 50 CG environments, several mythological creatures and more than 5000 + VFX shots. Work on picture and sound post, titles, the international promo/trailer and all deliverables will start at LIPSYNC towards the end of the year.

Norman Merry, Finance Director, LIPSYNC, said, “Olympus is certainly one of the biggest and most challenging projects we have ever worked on, and we’re hugely excited to be playing a significant role in bringing this epic tale to life.”

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