LipSync VFX create the Perfect Storm!

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LipSync completed VFX on Rob Cohen’s new action-thriller, THE HURRICANE HEIST. The film follows a team of hackers embarking on a $600 million robbery from a coastal US treasury during a disastrous Category 5 hurricane. Meanwhile, a meteorologist, his ex-marine brother and a treasury agent try to stop the mastermind thieves from accomplishing the heist of the century.

LipSync handled multiple VFX sequences throughout the action thriller, including a hurricane, flood, destroyed towns and farms, as well as the opening sequence. LipSync worked closely with director Rob Cohen (best known for The Fast and The Furious and Stealth) to ensure the VFX hurricane matched Cohen’s distinct vision. LipSync’s research and development team worked on creating water, rain, debris and gusts of spray simulations for the mass flood and demolition sequences. Luke Butler, Senior Compositor at LipSync said, “Rob wanted the hurricane to not only be an element but also a beast within itself, almost like it was alive.”

LipSync created the hurricane in Houdini FX, which enabled them to combine multiple layers of variance and create content faster, reducing timelines. The towns and buildings were modelled, textured, lit and destroyed in Autodesk’s Maya computer animation software. Luke Butler adds, “we needed to create an entire town so that we could fly a virtual camera through it during the flood sequence. This was shared with our Houdini artists and their water simulations could react to the environment. Nuke VFX software then pieced this all together, adding the extra 5% to make it real.

Directed by Rob Cohen, Screenplay written by Scott Windhauser and Jeff Dixon. Director of Photography Shelly Johnson. Starring Toby Kebbell, Maggie Grace, Ryan Kwanten, Ralph Ineson and Melissa Bolona.

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