January 31, 2019

Shooting has begun on Andrew Levitas’ latest biopic MINAMATA. Johnny Depp stars as war photographer W. Eugene Smith who travels to Japan to expose the devastating annihilation of a coastal community through mercury poisoning.

Minamata is a city located in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. It’s known due to Minamata disease – a neurological syndrome caused by severe mercury poisoning. The disease was discovered in 1956. A local chemical plant was blamed for causing the disease by emitting untreated wastewater to the Minamata Bay.

Lipsync will be doing full post on this new biopic, based on the book by Aileen Mioko and W. Eugene Smith.

Written/ Adapted by: David K Kessler

Directed by: Andrew Levitas

Developed by: Infinitum Nihil

Produced by: Sam Sarkar, Bill Johnson, Jason Forman  and Andrew Levitas

Booking Producer: Paul Dray 

Colourist, Sound Team, VFX Producer and VFX Supervisor all to be confirmed.

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