Pin Cushion Main Titles

in LSD Film Title Design

PIN CUSHION – Directed by Deborah Haywood. Produced by Gavin Humphries and Maggie Monteith


Deborah asked that the main title design was bright, colourful and slightly offbeat, representing the main characters and their hopes for a new start in life; a cosy and perhaps childlike vision, in denial of reality and at odds with the sentiments of the title itself.

We drew on  the character Lyn’s, crafting and embroidery hobby, to create a ‘home-made’ piece of artwork, including embroidered flowers and applique cats, in various mismatching fabrics.

The title itself was again, hand-stitched onto the same felt backing.

The craftwork was then photographed in various lighting conditions and assembled in After Effects, the lighting being animated over time.

Other titling was designed to complement the main title but kept simple, so as not to overpower it.


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