Show Dogs

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May 25th is the day that all LipSync’s hard work will pay off as Show Dogs is released across the UK!

Show Dogs has been LipSync’s biggest VFX project to date. Not only were muzzles and fur a huge part of the project, but LipSync’s team of incredible VFX artists also created a baby panda and tiger from scratch! Uel Hormann, head of VFX noted, ‘when we landed this job, we knew it would be a lot of work. It’s a film about talking dogs so the finish is slick and simple but the work that goes into that much fur is very complex.’

Show Dogs follows Max (Ludacris), a macho solitary Rottweiler police dog, who’s ordered to go undercover as a primped show dog in a prestigious Dog Show, along with his human partner, to avert a disaster from happening.

LipSync’s creative team provided the UK trailer for UK distributor eONE. Watch now

Directed by Raja Gosnell. Written by Max Botkin and Marc Hyman. Produced by Deepak Nayar

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