The Woman in White Title Design

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Title sequence for Origin Pictures for BBC 1

‘The Woman in White’
Directed by Carl Tibbetts, Produced by Sarah Curtis and Executive Produced by David M. Thompson


When discussing the titles design with Carl, he was keen to create a sense of the mood and colour for the series, to introduce the viewer to the world they are entering. Collins’ story is a classic gothic mystery, so our focus was in creating a visual device which constantly evolved within the shadowy darkness.

The other significant feature of the story we picked up on, was the idea of double identity and deception.

Firstly, we explored the shapes and shadows created when light plays across and through veils and flowing fabrics. This lead us to finding similar imagery in smoke, inks and clouds. The double identity aspect gave us the idea of reflecting the imagery, mirror-fashion, to create a constantly turbulent form, creating sometimes nightmarish, sometimes beautiful shapes, similar to the way Rorschach inkblots tap into our interpretations and perceptions.

Within this, we wanted to interweave the faces of the main characters in the story. This meant a painstaking process of matching shapes, lighting and animation, to find ways to evolve and seamlessly blend through from one character to the next, within the abstract cloudy forms.

All work was created using various smoke elements and imagery from the series, blended with effects and grading using Adobe After Effects.


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