• MASTER MOLEY, James Reatchlous, CEO & Founder

    "Thank you so much for your continuing and terrific assistance, thank you too, for all the huge help we’re receiving from your magnificent team. Master Moley also mentioned to me tonight, that he too, has been blown away with the loving care and attention, that he’s also receiving. It’s such a pleasure and joy, to work with such an utterly professional team."

  • THE STATE, Peter Kosminsky, Director

    "I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all at LipSync for doing such a truly outstanding job to patch up my scripted and on-set errors and bring this show so beautifully home. I thought the LipSync team excelled itself on Wolf Hall but this was undoubtedly even better. Thank you so much for being so good at what you do, so professional throughout and for insisting on working to such a resolutely high standard. I can honestly say I can’t imagine it better done."

  • THE BIRD CATCHER, Ross Clarke, Director

    “Working at LipSync has been the most rewarding post I’ve done on any of my 5 films. I cannot fault the facility or more importantly your staffs craft."

  • HARLOTS 2, Monumental Pictures

    “Well done for all your hard work. Thank you very much. Love Harlots 2”

  • LIVING THE DREAM, James Dean, Producer

    “Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in to making another great series. We love working with all of you”

  • QUARANTINE, Jo Nolan, Producer

    “Just a note to say a big thank you to the LipSync team! You looked after our Quarantine animation so well – we were delighted with your lovely work and is so much appreciated by all of us at Screen South. Thank you. ”

  • WOLF HALL, Mark Pybus, Producer

    ''For both Peter Kosminsky and myself WOLF HALL was our first experience of working with LipSync.  With the grade, online, sound, VFX and titles all happening under one roof, the entire post process proved seamless despite a challenging schedule and the usual budgetary constraints.  From the first day, the entire team at LipSync shared our passion and were always willing to go the extra mile to achieve our ambitions.  A very happy experience indeed.”

  • A LITTLE CHAOS, Alan Rickman, Director

    ''Working with LipSync was seamless. Expertise, reliability and courtesy - all exemplary. Not to mention the coffee. Somehow, they even managed to stretch time. There were always some extra minutes available when you needed them. I am so grateful.''  

  • MOLLY MOON, Mark Birmingham, Producer

    "Lipsync makes every effort to ensure the workflow intergrates seamlessly with the production on Molly Moon and they achieve this professionally and competitively."

  • KICK-ASS, Tarquin Pack, Producer

    "Having worked with LipSync before on Stardust, we knew that they would provide us with the excellent work we have come to expect from them. LipSync's 'invisible' work is vital to allow our audience to believe that the action really is in a New York skyscraper, or in a moving car, or that Hit Girl really is that hard.

    The team's proven talent and skill have created utterly believable images for which Matthew and I thank them for their hard work and we look forward to working with them again very soon."

  • ZEN - Michael Casey - Producer,

    "I had a great time posting Zen at LipSync. The creative energy, technical excellence and dedication was everything I could have asked for - all brilliantly supervised by Dan Bentham. I very much hope to come back soon!"

  • THE RUNAWAY, Willow Grylls, Producer

    "Working with LipSync is always a pleasure - the team are unstintingly fresh and creative in approach. The final sequence - a riot of colour and character - effectively brands the show. We are all delighted with it."

  • UNITED, Julia Stannard, Producer

    "Given the period nature of the film, we faced enormous production challengers. Stefan Drury (Head of VFX) and Sean Farrow (Executive VFX Producer) were brilliantly creative in offering solutions which not only looked amazing but also made our modest budget stretch further. I would also like to commend (Senior Re-Recording Mixer) Paul Cotterell who was a wonderful collaborator and really helped to convey the emotional story through the soundtrack."

  • UNITED, James Strong, Director

    "United was a big ask. I wanted to make a film in every sense for the 'big' screen, so the ambition and scale of every aspect of the production had to match this. LipSync were key collaborators from the outset and did an amazing job. We had a budget, we stuck to it, but still achieved wonders. In every department LipSync's ability and commitment to the film was exemplary."

  • THE FIRST GRADER, David Thompson, Producer

    "It has been a real pleasure collaborating with LipSync on The First Grader. The whole team is top draw and we couldn't be happier with the work they've done on it. We look forward to continuing our relationship in the future."

  • WILD BILL, Tim Cole, Producer

    "It was more than stress free - it was fun! An excellent professional picture post job on WILD BILL by all at LipSync. On budget and on schedule, it really felt like we found a partner who had the best interests of our film at heart and pulled out all the stops to make sure WILD BILL was the best it could be."

  • THE AWAKENING, David Thompson, Producer

    "We have made our last four projects with LipSync and have found the experience very rewarding and successful. LipSync have great teams working there who certainly go the extra mile - both on the creative and the administrative sides. It is a vibrant, creative hub - very focused on giving the best results for the production. And in a world where co production finance is increasingly complicated they bring a refreshing simplicity to the financing and investment process."

  • THE DEEP BLUE SEA, Kate Ogborn & Sean O'Connor

    "We had a great experience working with LipSync, we were extremely well looked after by the inhouse producer Aileen McIntosh who always went the extra mile for us. Our team all enjoyed collaborating closely with the talented team at LipSync across sound, grade, VFX and titles to realise Terence's vision for the film."

  • SHAME, Iain Canning, Producer

    "Post production in the UK is absolutely first class. Our experience with LipSync was incredibly positive and we look forward to partnering with them again on projects in the future."

  • LAY THE FAVORITE, Paul Trijbits, Producer

    "Having previously worked with LipSync on a range of Ruby Film and Tevevion projects, including 'Jane Eyre', 'Toast' and Stephen Poliakoff's 'Dancing on the Edge', it was a pleaseure to return for Lay the Favorite. Over the last few years we have built a solid working relationship; they understand how we work and what we want to achieve on each project, and once again their talented post team has produced work of outstanding quality."

  • DESERT DANCER, Pippa Cross, Producer

    "My previous experience working with LipSync's talented team demonstrated that I could wholly trust them to deliver hightly creative work, on time and within budget. It's also a great help to have their input at the production stage to make our post budget go further, and to have all the post elements in one place."

  • THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, Ralph Fiennes, Director

    "The sound design of The Invisible Woman was realised in post production using the facilities of LipSync. We received great support from the sound team at LipSync for which I am very grateful, and we were especially lucky to have the creative skill of Paul Cotterell, our sound mixer. Paul's exceptional intuitive understanding of the nuances of sound mixing helped make the whole experience of building sound deeply rewarding. I have learned a great deal working with Paul Cotterell."