You, Me, Him and LipSync

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You, Me and Him premieres on at the Glasgow film festival on Sunday 4th March 2018. LipSync completed full post-production.

Directed by Daisy Aitkins, Lucy Punch plays Olivia – a high powered lawyer who is hitting 40 and desperate for a child. Her younger partner, Alex (Faye Marsay), doesn’t feel the same urgency and yet both women end up pregnant and more involved with their recently divorced, ‘mid-life crisis hipster’ neighbour, Jon (David Tennant), than they care to be.

LipSync’s in-house Graphics team, led by Howard Watkins, did the titles for the feature. Daisy Aitkins and Producer, Georgia Tennant both wanted titles that complimented the high-paced, colourful and somewhat zany world Olivia, Alex and Jon inhabit. Howard says the team ‘chose a clean, modern typestyle and picked colours from each scene for their bright layouts. Throughout the opening sequence, the titles whip in and out in a similarly brash style. The main title also has a playful animation to infer the annoyance of needing a ‘him’ to fulfil Olivia’s dreams!’

Produced by Big Blue Thumb Productions and Bad Penny in association with Head Gear Films and Metrol Technology. The film is due for wider UK release on 12th April 2018.

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